The A.C.T Philosophy

The A.C.T Philosophy consists of three points:
Expertise, Efficiency, Understanding.


Our crime scene cleanup service focuses solely on biological remediation. Because of this our service is among the best in the field of biological waste removal and remediation. All of the technicians are O.S.H.A. (Occupational Safety Health Administration) compliant, bloodborne- pathogen certified, properly insured, completely bonded. In addition all employees receive yearly updated training to ensure they remain proficient with the cutting edge technology.


Our response time is usually two hours or less. We feel this is a critical component to our services, both from a health as well as a emotional perspective. Once there, our goal is to get your home or residence back to it’s pre-incident condition as fast as possible, and with a minimum of disruption to you and your family. Our trauma scene clean up technicians are trained to work quickly and efficiently so that you and your family can deal with your loss without a constant visual reminder..


We understand that at this time the family is often overwhelmed. Having lost a loved one, families are often dealing with a lot of emotional issues. We understand how hard this can be and make every effort to reduce the emotional burden on the family. Our technicians will work quickly and efficiently while treating you and your family with dignity and respect. It is our goal to make the process of cleaning up the aftermath of a tragedy as easy on the family as possible.

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