BioHazard Cleanup / BioHazard Clean up

A biohazard clean up is a job involving cleaning the debris, filth, bodily fluids, and other remains from a crime scene that are not safe for humans to be exposed to without the proper hazmat and bio hazard training needed to complete the cleanup without risk of infection or exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes.

ACT crime scene clean up services will complete any biohazard cleaning needed in all 50 states.  The technicians in our network will meet or exceed any legal and government requirements for the clean up and will also provide safe disposal of the waste meeting all OSHA and EPA standards, as well as those placed by your state.

If you have had a unattended death, suicide, homicide or other types of biohazard cleanup jobs such as tear gas removal, please contact our service line where a representative of our services will schedule a cleanup crew to begin the remediation process.

Please call 1-888-477-0015 for your biohazard cleanup service.

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