Standards For Blood Clean Up Companies

Because crime and trauma scene cleanup deals with blood and other potentially hazardous materials additional training for cleaning technicians is required. In addition to the advanced cleaning training technicians needs, companies must be licensed and in compliance with existing regulations. Below is a list of requirements for those who perform blood and bio-fluid cleanup.

1. Compliant with OHSA Regulations:
      1. Written Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
      2. Written Respiratory Protection Program
      3. Written Technical Procedures
      4. Written Hazardous Communications Procedure
      5. Formal Training Program
2. Employees must be Hepatitis B Vaccinated.
3. Licensed and Bonded.
4. Properly Insured.
5. Contract with Medical Waste Disposal Company for legal disposal.
6. Employers are required to give yearly updated training which includes the
incorporation of new procedures.

In addition to our meeting the technical requirements, it is our policy that all of our employees give our customers the highest quality service while treating them with dignity and respect. Our goal is to discreetly perform our job with the minimum of intrusion into the lives of our customers.
We take every measure possible to ensure this information is accurate and reliable however we always recommend that you ask for proper certification information from the technician dealing with your particular situation to ensure the highest quality.

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