Filth Cleanup

When you think crime scene cleanup or a crime scene cleanup company, you may picture the aftermath of a crime scene investigation. Perhaps something like a homicide or suicide or even an unattended death. But a good crime scene cleanup service will also specialize in other types of cleanup like hoarding and filth cleanup. The reason they do this is because of the overlap in equipment and skills required to effectively and efficiently perform this type of cleaning.

Now, when we talk about hoarding or filth cleanup, we are not talking about the fact that you haven’t cleaned your house or apartment in a few weeks, or that you haven’t cleaned out the garage in almost a year. We are talking about those situations, where for one reason or another, the resident of a house will not throw things away. They will hoard items that normal people would put in the dump or will collect extreme amounts of a dispoable item. This could range from keeping so many newspapers that you can’t manuver in the living room, or not throwing away disposable dirty food containers….ever. These are the types of situations that make it into the local news.

These situations are so extreme that there is a health hazard to people living there or attempting to cleaning the site. Usually, there are high levels of mold and mildew. In addition many of the hoarded items lead to high levels of baterica and will attract rats, insects and other vermin. Moving items can lead to dust or spore clouds with high levels of contaminants that should not be breathed in and could lead to respiratory issues. Because of these health hazards, a professional service with specific training is needed to properly remediate the premises. A good crime scene cleanup company such as A.C.T. Remediation will usually also specialize in hoarding and filth cleanup as well as abandoned property remediation. They will know how to clean the premises safetly and effectively, leaving the domicile suitable for subsequent residents.

So let ACT Remediation handle your blood cleanup needs.  You will find that we are very easy to work with, always respond quickly and are extremely effective in removing all traces of the incident.

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