Hoarding Cleanup

A.C.T. remediation provides filth and hoarding cleanup as an additional service to their normal crime scene cleanup services. With many of the same types of equipment and expertises needed to remediation a hoarding property as a crime scene, they are ideally suited to handle your hoarding cleanup needs.

Hoarding refers to the situation where a person or persons holds onto or hoards items that one usually doesn’t hang onto. Like newspapers, old food containers, cardboard, magazines, or even more unusual items. This is not just a few of these items, but rooms filled with old newspapers, or a kitchen with old dirty food containers. Or even old cloths. So many that a person can barely move and the whole house is like this. Usually this activity goes on for years and leads to a health hazard on the premises from mold and mildew and insects, vermin or rodents who are attracked to the scene. It becomes a very unhealthy situation for anyone living there.

At this point hopefully someone recognized this unhealthy situation and stepped in to take care of the person living in this situation. And know the residence needs to be cleaned. Unfortunately at this point, there is likely more damage to the home than one would realize as well as it being a health hazard for anyone attempting to remediate the property.

This is where a professional cleaning company like A.C.T. Remediation comes in. They have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to remediate this property in a manner that is safe for the cleaner and leaves the property suitable for subsequent habitation. The will come in and remove that offending items and deal with any mold, mildew, vermin or insects that may have taken up residence. They will evaluate the structure to determine if there is any structual damage or permanent damage to the domicile. They will even properly dispose of all waste dealing with anything that is bio-hazardous in nature. They will take care of everything leaving the property in pristine condition

So if you find that you or a loved one has a property that has become dangerous to residents or cleaners due to excessive hoarding, contact A.C.T. Remediation at 1-888-477-0015. A representative will come out to evaluate the property and give you a quote so we can get started cleaning up your property as soon as possible. Contact us today.

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