Meth Lab Clean Decontamination

During 1999 4.3% (9.4 million people) of the U.S. population reported trying methamphetamine at least once in their lifetime. The highest rate of meth use was among the 18-25 age group with 5.2% of them reporting lifetime meth use during 1999.  With this larger number of users, an increasing numbers of meth labs can also be found. Meth lab clean up seizures have gone up 577% nationally since 1995.  You can see that the crime scene clean up numbers and statistics are staggering when you take all that into account and then realize that in 1994 the Drug Enforcement Administration seized 63 meth labs. That figure climbed to 879 in 1996 and 1,627 in 1998 and continues to climb today.  Meth lab cleaning is an unfortunate reality.

Methamphetamine lab clean up also known as meth lab Decontamination, while not gory, is often a lot more dangerous to clean up in terms of health risks.  The poisons used to make street-grade methamphetamine include acetone, methanol, ammonia, benzene, iodine and hydrochloric acid  and leave a toxic residue that coats and infuses every surface and even stays in the air. Most of these poisonous substances can be absorbed through the skin, making meth lab clean up, one of the most dangerous tasks someone can perform.  Exposure to a methamphetamine lab can cause reproductive disorders, birth defects, blindness, lung damage, liver damage and kidney damage, and that’s just for starters.  The scene remains toxic indefinitely unless it’s properly cleaned — an apartment that housed  a meth lab can make its tenants sick a decade after the meth lab is removed.  Proper meth lab clean-up of involves disposing  of everything porous and everything that can’t be submerged in detoxification chemicals (several times).  Crime scene cleanup cleaners get rid of all furniture, cabinetry, light fixtures, carpeting, electronics … basically everything that isn’t part of the structure.  And in the worst cases, they also dispose of most of the structure — they sometimes have to pull up all of the flooring and gut the walls, removing all of the drywall until nothing remains but studs.

Our technicians meet and understand OSHA requirements. Hazardous waste management is a major component involved in this type of crime scene cleanup.  DO NOT try to use a company that does not have highly trained professionals.

Meth lab clean up statistic and jobs have increased dramatically in the past few years.  The dangers have increased as well.

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