A.C.T. Remediation provides tear gas cleanup as a service nationwide.

During the course of certain types of criminal activity the police sometimes find it necessary to utilize tear gas. While effective on criminals it can leave a house or apartment contaminated with the particular chemicals used in the release of the tear gas. This can make it hazardous to the health of subsequent residents who live on the premises unless the property is properly cleaned.

For a normal cleaner or resident this task will be difficult and may not be done right. That is why a tear gas cleanup service offered by a crime scene cleanup company like A.C.T. Remediation can be invaluable. They have the experience, skills and equipment to properly handle a tear gas cleanup. They will come in a clean the entire premises making it save for subsequent residents.

If a tear gas incident occurs at a home or property you own and you want to be sure that the site is property cleaned, contact A.C.T. Remediation at 1-888-477-0015. A representative will be sent to the premises to evaluate the situation to discuss your options and give you a quote for cleaning costs. In addition they may be able to offer you assistance with an insurance claim as in some cases this type of tear gas cleanup is covered by your home owners insurance.

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