Trauma Scene Cleanup

In the aftermath of a trauma cleanup situation, after the police, EMT’s and sometimes coroner have left, the family, homeowner or property manager are often left with a significant problem. How do you handle what is left over? How do you go about removing any sign of what happened and any biohazards that result from such an incident? Federal regulations deem all bodily fluids to be biohazards, so any blood or tissue at a crime scene is considered a potential source of infection. Each tiny drop carries germs, bacteria and, possibly, infectious diseases to clean this scene you have to approach it as if it were carrying bloodborne pathogens like HIV, hepatitis, herpes, E.coli and hantavirus. You need special knowledge to safely handle this biohazardous material. In addition to knowing how to clean biohazardous materials you need to know what to clean. If there is a little blood on the carpet, did you know you may have to clean down to the floor boards to get rid of the blood? What about blood on the walls, can you just wipe it off? What level of disinfection do you need? What types of material will blood and bodily fluids soak into quickly? This is where a company specializing in trauma scene cleanup comes in. They possess the expertise, experience and qualifications to perform an effective trauma scene cleanup of your premises.

A.C.T. Remediation Services ois a company that specializes in trauma scene clean up. Not only do we possess the necessary skills, experience and qualifications, but our cleanup experts will perform their duties quickly efficiently and with a sensitivity to the family which they will appreciate. In addition to cleaning, we will remove all biohazardous materials after cleanup and will work with you and your insurance company to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Please consider A.C.T. Remediation for your trauma scene clean up and crime scene clean up needs.

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