Unattended Death Cleanup

A very important function of trauma scene cleanup is unattended death clean up in or on a property.  Unattended death cleanup can be among the most difficult and stomach turning scene cleanups.  Usually the body has been there for days to weeks and decomposition has set in.  In this period of time the body goes through natural processes like rigor mortis and the decomposition of the body.  Decomposition refers to the reduction of the body of a formerly living organism into simpler forms of matter. The body of a living organism begins to decompose shortly after death. Such decomposition can be categorized by two stages: In the first stage, it is limited to the production of vapors. In the second stage, liquid materials form and the flesh begins to decompose. Ambient conditions affect decomposition. A body that is exposed to air will decompose more quickly and exhibit more insect activity than a buried body.  That is why an unattended death can be so difficult to clean up. In some cases such as environments where temperature remains cool stage two has not yet set in.  So the unattended death cleanup is not as difficult.  But even in these cases you will usually find that the odor is still overwhelming and odor remediation will be needed.

This is why it usually why it is better to contact a company who performs unattended death cleanup.  They have the expertise, experience and qualifications to perform this task quickly, efficiently and with the least impact on your life. 

During the unattended death clean up job we take care of the decomposed body including any and all bodily fluids that have been expelled from the body.  Many of these fluids are accompanied by a bad odor and dangerous bacteria and biohazardous waste. In addition, for significantly decomposed bodies, cleanup may include dealing with maggots and other insect which are commonly accompany severe decomposition.

Let ACT Remediation supply your unattended death cleanup needs.  You will find that we are easy to work with, respond quickly and are very effective in removing all traces of the incident.

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